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Collar Color: Indigo
Dorm Room: 2-06

- His clothing
- His sword
- Black Orb (useless since his ship is in Weyard)
- 2 empty mythril bags (used to hold the Mercury Star and the Venus Star)
- Psy Crystal

1st: Hasn't happened yet.
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JULY 2013
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For any and all concerns or constructive criticism you have regarding my playing of Saturos. Anonymous comments are enabled; IP address tracking is disabled.

If you would like to contact me privately, you can reach me by PM or on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] pyroclastic.
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Player Information

Name: Pyro
Personal Journal: N/A
Age: 19
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] pyroclastic
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Saturos
Character Series: Golden Sun
Character Age: 20 (his age is never said in the game but he is described as a "young man" and doesn't look much older than Felix, who is 18)
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: After lighting the Venus Beacon but before becoming the Fusion Dragon.
Background Link: Here
Personality: Saturos is very much a man with a propensity towards extremes. In his eyes, you are either with him or against him: there is no middle ground and to claim otherwise is foolishness. Likewise, you are either working towards saving the world or you are actively working against it, and doing nothing at all is, in his eyes, working against it. He can't stand people who acknowledge that there are problems and do nothing to fix it; what irritates him even more than that, however, are people who are willfully blind to the problems there are and trick themselves into thinking that everything is just fine. Because of this, he very often comes off as unnecessarily harsh, brash, and sometimes even cruel. His methods of stirring people to action tend to consist of intimidation and manipulation, because they have the most immediate effects and he knows better than anyone that Weyard has little time left unless they do something to keep their world from crumbling away. He knows that people will likely resent or even outright hate him for it, and that is just fine with him as long as their hatred spurs them into getting the job done.

As far as he is concerned, the ends justify the means. He doesn't care if he looks like a villain and he doesn't care if a handful of people get hurt just as long as his goals are achieved and a greater number of people are saved. What is it to him if some nameless, faceless people are hurt or killed during his journey, if it means that his people, his village, and ultimately the entire world will come out better for it? He knows that it is impossible to please everyone and that sometimes compromises must be made. He is the type of person who can easily look at a situation and cut his losses where necessary, even at the expense of an individual's life. An individual life doesn't have much value to him; not compared to the value of an entire dying world that needs saving.

He cares deeply for the people of Prox and for the world of Weyard. His ultimate goal is to save the world, after all; it's his methods, not his intentions, that are truly questionable. However, though is intentions and motivations are good, Saturos cannot really be described as a "good person." He's brash and antagonistic and seems to take pleasure out of watching others squirm. He doesn't kill for the pleasure of it, but he has no problem with disposing of people who get in his way or who just aren't useful. He looks for the things that people value most and then uses them to keep those people under his control.

He's very boastful and is confident in his own abilities. He knows he's strong and actually does quite enjoy showing that off; he's simply not the type of person to humble himself. Being a warrior, he can gauge someone's strength at a glance, but he still takes great pleasure in testing their abilities himself. He gets a rush from being in battle and thinks of it as one of the best ways to truly know a person. He doesn't like losing, as he is incredibly prideful; he is, however, willing to admit when someone or something is out of his league (though it doesn't happen often).

He is far more skilled at reigning in his temper than Menardi is at reigning in her own, but he's not immune to the occasional fit of pique. He doesn't like it when people go against his plans. He doesn't like it when people play the hero without understanding the true consequences of their actions. And he definitely doesn't like it when people risk everything for the sake of one single person. He simply can't understand why anyone would value an individual over the entire world, and that sort of "simple-minded foolishness" infuriates him. He tends to see things in black and white, and when he can't figure something out, his instinct is to use force. He's not unintelligent (in spite of what Alex has to say about his ability to solve the Lighthouses' puzzles), but he does have a very difficult time admitting when he can't figure something out.

He's not a terrible person, but he has done terrible things. He's not a good person, but he has done good things. Ultimately, he's a person with a very specific goal in mind and he doesn't care who or what he has to sacrifice in order to achieve it.
Abilities: Saturos is a master of fire-based Psynergy, and he is considered to be the strongest Adept hailing from Prox. Out of battle, it is stated that he can do amazing things with fire that are described as being different from the abilities he shows in battle. Below are the abilities he uses in battle when Isaac fights him.

Heat Flash: Saturos leaps forward to strike a target physically while backing up his attack with Mars Psynergy. A reddish-orange cloud is unleashed upon impact and the target may find themselves deluded and unable to see clearly.
Fireball: Saturos creates multiple fireballs, which converge on a group of targets. It can hit up to five targets at once.
Inferno: A stronger version of Fireball. It has the same range but deals a lot more damage.
Eruption: Saturos summons two flaming pillars that rip through up to three targets at once.
Pyroclasm: A stronger version of Eruption. Saturos summons four flaming pillars that rip through up to five targets at once and deals more damage.
Protect: Mars energy surges through Saturos and his allies to strengthen their defense.
Break: Mercury-based Psynergy that Saturos is able to use for an unknown reason, given that he doesn't have any Djinn equipped. It completely negates any status bonuses an enemy party has accumulated.
Haunt: Venus-based Psynergy that Saturos is able to use because, as he states in canon, Venus and Mars have a symbiotic relationship. It is the equivalent of latching a malicious spirit onto a foe, and causes the foe to take large amounts of damage at random intervals. In the game it can only be cured by having a healer at a Sanctum remove it, by using a Djinn or Psynergy with the ability to heal it, or by dying and being revived.
Potent Cure: More Venus-based Psynergy that Saturos can use because of the symbiotic relationship between Venus and Mars Psynergy. It's a healing spell that heals a minimum amount plus more depending on various modifiers. He tends to use it in battle because it's strong enough that he can mend his wounds on the surface so that he can keep fighting, but healing it from the inside out would require a Mercury Adept or more time outside of battle.

He can probably use Fire (the weaker version of Fireball/Inferno), Volcano (the weaker version of Eruption/Pyroclasm), Guard (the weaker version of Protect, which only works on a single target) and Cure and Cure Well (the weaker version of Potent Cure), as they come in a set and no other character is shown to be able to use the stronger forms without being able to use the weaker ones.

He is also able to fuse with his partner, Menardi, to become a massive two-headed dragon. Theoretically it could be done with any combination of Adepts given sufficient elemental energy (three Adepts, two of which were Venus Adepts and one of which was a Mar Adept were fused to form the three-headed Doom Dragon on Mars Lighthouse), but he probably isn't going to be doing it here (the only other Adept in the Tower at this point being Sheba and all).

Lastly, like all Proxians, Saturos is naturally tough (one might even say thick-skinned, as he has scales) and has an innate immunity to the extreme cold. He himself is able to make use of his Mars Psynergy to suppress extreme heat, as seen in how he navigated through the Lamakan Desert without using Reveal to find an oasis.
Sample Entry: Here


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